woensdag 26 december 2012

Pa, our farewell. ( English)

Leen(dert) Fijnekam

09-05-1928    ~    20-12-2012

Dearest pa

How unreal these past few weeks have been.

What an experience this has been for us all.

The end, although in sight, came quickly and almost unexpected.

At that moment together we were able to farewell you, say our goodbyes. Many tears were shed. Proud we are of you pa - how dignified you were right to the end.

With the three of us at your side, you peacefully left this world. It was a noble fight. On one hand you were at peace knowing your life neared it's end - on the other you had so much to live for. How you would have loved to have spent more time with us.

For months now you barely slept and ate little. You were tired. Your body was letting you down and the discomfort took it's toll. Still, you managed to hang in there, waiting for Leen and I to return from holiday. Once we arrived home you said " ah that's good we are complete again".  You even left a welcome home gift on our table the day before. Once we were home you allowed yourself the space to be unwell.

Don't be a bother to others: your motto. You didn't want to bother anyone with your worries and pain. You still wanted to drive your car, do your own shopping, visit tante Jaantje, keep our Wednesday Fish lunch in your routine, cook delicious meals for you and Arie, listen to your favourite music. And, if possible next spring have a 5 day break in Hotel de Distel in Zoutelande. To enjoy the coast, preferably with rough seas please, smoked eel on a bun, watching the boats sail by, the breakfast buffet.

Pa, tomorrow, along with family and friends we will farewell you permanently. But NEVER will you be forgotten. ALWAYS will your name be on our lips and in our hearts, We will tell about your genuine love and care for others. Your unselfishness, putting others first always.

Pa, we love you. Rest in peace.

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